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Empowerment of women, vowed by some housewives with determination to minimize disparities in the social life got realized in the formation of the "Satabdi Women Organisation for Social Welfare" on 9th February, 2000 being the 'Mothers' Day.

"SATABDI" is run sollely solely by women who felt the need of making a difference and got together to fulfill their dreams.


The most noble and justified visions often remain unattainable because of the littleness of those who strive to achieve them. No matter how justified the mission is it cannot be done alone. But it is with shared purpose, common spirit, collaborative doing and the power of collective thinking that such visions are realised. And so it is with the noble intension of "Snehaneer", a small school with enormous vision. A vision of better world with love, light and laughter. A world where "the mind is without fear and head held high".

Snehaneer is placed in a beautiful and specious building with a play ground and park. The whole area around Snehaneer is peaceful and quite and sounds of birds help the challenged persons to live in a healthy atmosphere.


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